Types of erotic massage that can give the greatest pleasure

Разнообразные виды эромассажа

Types of erotic massage that can give the greatest pleasure

Eromassage can be so sexually diverse that, being a beginner, it is difficult to immediately determine where to begin acquaintance with this area of pleasure. Let’s explain what exactly is happening in the programs, and why a client once having been in the hands of a masseuse, is sure to come back!

Let’s start with the fact that whatever the types of massage, in each of them there is an introduction. This is a classic massage. The client should be prepared, relaxed, and it is the classic session that brings us to a full understanding of the erotic component of the massage.

And then the client can choose from a large number of programs. We advise for the first time to start with the simplest relaxing massage. A relaxation at the end of the session is sure to be provided, and the man himself begins to understand during the massage how bright and sharp the sensations from the simple touch of the girl to the body can be.

For more advanced clients, you can recommend body massage, where the level of sexual pleasure is already at a higher level.

However, if a man wants to really climb to the very top of a sensual, tender understanding of the whole essence of sexual energy, then you should definitely try out a tantric massage. The universal love that manifests itself in this session reveals much to the client.

Eastern practice asserts that sexual energy can easily flow from one body to another, you just have to sympathize with each other and take the course of sexuality with an open heart. Experienced masseuses perform tantra massage so well that a client falls in love with a girl, goes to another world, to another universe of pleasure!

There is another side in which the types of massage are more mundane, but at the same time so sexy that the client remains in complete prostration. For example, penis massage. The masseuse works with the main erogenous zone of the man, gently and gently massaging the sexual organ, the testicles. Such a session not only leads a man to relaxation, but also has a great effect on the health of a man.

This can also include the stimulation of the prostate, one of the sexiest types of massage, which not only satisfies a man, but also has a healing effect!

And if the conversation is about something crazy, in the literal sense, then a lesbo show can be crowned with our peculiar rating of types of massage. There is nothing more sexual, frank and erotic in a massage for a man than two charming masseuses in a lesbian stupor!