The benefits of body massage

Польза боди массажа

If you decide to go to the salon of erotic massage and do not know what type of massage to choose, we recommend to stay at the body massage. It combines a healing and relaxing effect. First, you will have a classic relaxing body massage. The masseuse will relieve fatigue and muscle tension. The first part of the massage lasts 45 minutes. Then comes the more interesting part – the erotic, in which the girl gently slides over your body until you reach complete ecstasy.

Body massage is of several types:

  –  hygienic
  –  healing
  –  sports
  – cosmetic
  –  erotic

In the Xena salon you can enjoy the best erotic body massage. Feelings you will get unforgettable.

The benefits of body massage

Body massage benefits the whole body. It has such features as:

 –   relaxation;
 –   tonic effect;
 –  treatment of many chronic diseases;
 –  Aesthetic pleasure;
 –  revealing your inner sexuality.

Body massage also helps to improve blood circulation, improves muscle tone, rejuvenates the skin, makes it elastic, promotes weight loss. In addition, it has a positive effect on mental health, relieving nervous tension.

Erotic body massage will relax your muscles, but feelings and emotions will sharpen. Our masseuses know how to bring real pleasure. Their movements and touches are unhurried, filled with affection and tenderness, from time to time they will be teasing and quick. Body massage is able to awaken in everyone unexplored emotions and fantasies. You will forget about problems and life troubles, erotic massage will fill you with life-giving energy. Fully relaxed, you can enjoy magical touches, yielding to the caresses of charming and beautiful girls.

How is the body massage session

Erotic massage salon Xena offers erotic body massage in the best traditions. For better relaxation, we use aromatherapy. You will be taken to a cozy room in which you can relax and forget about stress. The masseuse will start with rubbing and kneading all parts of the body so that you completely relax. After relieving tension, the girl will proceed to the most cherished part of the body massage. It slowly slides over your body, strokes and caresses it, bringing to the highest peak of pleasure. All movements are smooth and barely perceptible, which will drive you crazy. These unearthly sensations can not be described in words, it is better to feel them yourself.

Erotic body massage will release you from negative emotions and allow you to feel your body completely differently. During the massage there is an exchange of energies that fills you from the top of your head to the tips of your legs. Body massage relieves from complexes, depression, helps to know your inner and spiritual world. You will become much more liberated and freer, you will find harmony of soul and body.

In our salon of erotic massage Xena in Kiev, you can learn all the shades of sensations and learn new things. This is the place where you can escape from worries and domestic problems, relieve fatigue and relax. We employ only experienced and sensual masseuses who know how to give the client an unearthly pleasure. You can choose a girl for an erotic body massage to your taste and sign up for a session. We will satisfy the wishes of even the most sophisticated client. Our masseuses have a special beauty, charm and grace, and know how to surprise you. They are able to hear even the most secret desires and translate them into reality. Come to the salon of erotic massage Xena and see for yourself!