Tantric erotic massage

Эротический тантрический массажTantric erotic massage – the endless sea of supreme pleasure

The classic version claims that tantra massage is nothing but a manifestation of love. Let’s take this particular option to fully understand the beauty of this kind of erotic pleasure.

By and large, the human body is one continuous erogenous zone, but each of us simply has the highest sensitivity areas individually. To fully understand how this type of erotic massage works, a strong sympathy should arise between the masseuse and the client, which, however, is not such a rarity. It is in this state that tantra realizes its full potential.

Eastern wisdom claims that tantric massage allows the sexual energy of men and women to flow freely from one body to another, filling each other with immense sexuality and arousal. This is a mythical combination of Yin-Yang in full.

The classic approach to massage begins with a joint bath or shower. Water is an excellent conductor not only of electric current, but also of sexuality. Here mutual sympathy is born, which grows to the scale of the universe during the session. The exchange of energy in this case vividly illustrates an ancient rule, according to which, in order to get something, you need to give something away.

Giving a set of sexual energy to a woman, a man receives an incredibly bright pleasure.

Tantric erotic massage Kiev offers to start from the feet. This is a great opportunity to instantly relax a man and enrich the internal organs with blood. A simple action that has a stunning health effect. Next, the masseuse goes by gentle touches on the back, perineum, touches the ears, fills the man’s body with excitement and makes him keenly feel every touch.

Since the erotic tantric massage, basically, contains an exchange of energy, this happens best when the masseuse comes into contact with the client as much as possible on the surface of her body.

Body massage Kiev, you exclaim, and you will be partly right. Every touch should be erotic, and when a client feels a hard, agitated nipple, or an elastic buttock, wet pussy on his body, his sexuality is ready to burst with thousands of suns! Each such touch opens one more passage for energy, and all this together does not allow sexuality to fade, updates it, and throws it off a man for several years.

Special tantric erotic massage offers in the field of psychology. It’s just that there are so many stressful situations in our world, reasons for depression that no antidepressants can help! But the massage is a separate conversation, here the man is so dissolved in pleasure that the stress just disappears, the depression recedes, and he is young again, handsome and sexually attractive!

A massage room during a massage turns into a magical world, where a bright light does not burn, incense smolders, and muffled music plays. Everything works to enhance the perception of pleasure. The most important thing is that tantra massage does not just excite, relax and lead to relaxation, but the fact that it awakens the entire sexual potential of the client. Many men do not know how sexually attractive they can be, how great their charm is. And tantra opens it all up, and after the massage the man really comes out as if he is younger.

Fantasy, during a session, gives rise to perfect sexual images, the soul sings, the body enjoys. An ending, as is probably already clear, is so bright and unusually strong that the client always wants to continue, to repeat this sensation.