Strip massage

Массаж со стриптизом

Strip massage

Strip massage is one of the varieties of erotic massage. Ordering this service, you get not only a professional massage, but also pleasure from a strip dance. The girl, dancing, is gradually exposed, evoking in you a frenzied desire and anticipation of pleasure. Her movements are frank and graceful. She moves like a panther, and you admire the curves of her body. In the glow of candles and dim light, her body plays and overflows, beckoning to her. You can’t take your eyes off the strip dance.

Strip dance smoothly turns into an erotic massage. The dancer begins to stroke your body, causing a pleasant warm wave that diverges to the tips of your fingers, and then again flows to the center of pleasure.

Erotic massage brings you to complete pleasure and ends with a classic massage. Stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration – these are the main techniques of classic massage. It relaxes tight muscles well and improves blood circulation. Strip massage is good because it offers you all the pleasures that you can get from the massage procedure. After such a massage, it feels as if you were born again.

Designed to restore the flow of healing sexual energy. Give yourself a little time and visit our salon. Come to us and say the magic words: I want an erotic massage, and very quickly you forget about everyday life, thereby restoring contact with yourself and again feeling comfortable and comfortable in your own body.

Erotic massage

It is a ritual of touching not only the body, but also the soul. Thus, each erotic procedure has its own unique and distinctive specifics, which should always be remembered when choosing the type of erotic massage and matching your own desires with the needs. Just a few steps away you can discover truly inimitable effect of health procedures and go on an exciting journey to the country of erotic fantasies and desires.