European massage

Европейский массаж

European massage is a very popular service of our massage salon. In this type of massage, techniques such as stroking and kneading are used. There are no movements that would squeeze the skin or cause unpleasant sensations.

A session of European massage consists of three stages. It starts from erotic to complete relaxation. Then it flows smoothly into a classic massage and ends with an erotic massage with complete relaxation. The beauty of this type of massage is that a few sessions return male power.

The beauty of this type of massage is that a few sessions return male power. Massage serves as a kind of exercise the body for endurance. Believe me, exposure is one of the important conditions for a happy sex life. The longer you can hold on to the peak of sexual pleasure, the brighter will be erotic impressions, the more satisfaction you can get yourself and give to your girlfriend.

Lesbian show

Девушки лесби

Erotic lesbian show Two sexy girls “Lesbian show” works with your body and emotions on an increasing amplitude. First, a classic massage is performed. It prepares your body, relaxes, relieves daytime fatigue, distracts from worries and sad thoughts. You suddenly realize that nothing disturbs you anymore, that you are left alone with pleasure and are ready to receive it.

This moment of your readiness masseurs notice, and the massage moves to its new exciting stage – a lesbian show. Perhaps there is nothing more exciting than to see the pleasure from the side, and then feel it inside, as if intercepting it. Lesbian show is not just a dance of two girls. This is a manifestation of tenderness and affection. Touching the girls to each other are capable of shining the mind of any man. These two girls seem to allow you to see their world, their feelings and passion. The massage does not end there. The attention of the dancing girls gradually concentrates on you again, and the massage enters its final phase – an erotic massage until complete relaxation.

Pair show

Парное шоу - эротический массаж

“Pair show” refers to a variety of erotic massage. In many countries, this massage is very popular. What are the reasons for this success? The fact is that a session of any erotic massage is healing, improving potency and mood, as well as getting aesthetic pleasure.

Scenarios that play the girls in front of you are so erotic and exciting that they can be equated to art. The pleasure of observing how two beautiful women move, intertwine, is incomparable with anything. But the most important thing is that you play the main role in this scenario. A dance of these beautiful bodies is built around you. For you, it is those massage movements that are able to give you ecstasy.

Exotic massage can be presented in a completely unusual manifestations, because if it has an erotic component, then the imagination is included so that you can be healthy! And, of course, if it comes to something quite interesting from the point of view of fantasy, then you just can not just pass by a lesbian show, which is easily integrated into an erotic massage.

Strip massage

Массаж со стриптизом

Strip massage is one of the varieties of erotic massage. Ordering this service, you get not only a professional massage, but also pleasure from a strip dance. The girl, dancing, is gradually exposed, evoking in you a frenzied desire and anticipation of pleasure. Her movements are frank and graceful. She moves like a panther, and you admire the curves of her body. In the glow of candles and dim light, her body plays and overflows, beckoning to her. You can’t take your eyes off the strip dance.

Strip dance smoothly turns into an erotic massage. The dancer begins to stroke your body, causing a pleasant warm wave that diverges to the tips of your fingers, and then again flows to the center of pleasure. Erotic massage brings you to complete pleasure and ends with a classic massage.


Эромассаж - наслаждайтесь жизнью

True intimacy begins with self-awareness. The best way to explore the sexuality that underlies all people is to engage in erotic massage?

Eromassage, which can be considered a form of sexual therapy, is based on the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, which combine body, mind and spirit.

Eromassage is more than just increased sexual arousal and endless waves of erotic pleasure. It is an ideal practice for couples seeking to improve their relationships with each other, and seek to explore a deeper connection with themselves. Regular erotic practice removes the symptoms of fear, anxiety, and mental blocks that prevent you from curbing your unbridled spirit.

Prostate massage

Массаж простаты

Girls often ignore the center of male bliss and unforgettable sensations, in the existence of which many do not believe. But the fact of the presence of a secret point is proved not only by scientific research, but also by the experience of men. To find the innermost place in the sexual system of the representative of the stronger sex, it is enough to massage the prostate.

Due to the anatomical features of the male body, only skilled craftswomen will be able to find the cherished zone. The prostate gland has the shape and size of a bulk pea. It is located directly under the bladder and surrounds the upper part of the urethra. Outside, the prostate lies in the area between the anus and testicles.

Girls often ignore the center of male bliss and unforgettable sensations, in the existence of which many do not believe. But the fact of the presence of a secret point is proved not only by scientific research, but also by the experience of men. To find the innermost place in the sexual system of the representative of the stronger sex, it is enough to massage the prostate.

Classic massage

Классический массаж в Киеве

The modern city is reminiscent of the story from “Alice from the Looking Glass”: to stand, you need to run, to be in step with the times and with the pace of life – you need to run twice as fast. Therefore, it is not surprising that stress is a constant companion of residents of megacities. About spiritual harmony care in the least. You are looking forward to the long-awaited weekend and the opportunity to relax a bit and so life goes by. And fatigue accumulates. Massage salon in Kiev “Xena” – this is your solution to the problem!

Give yourself quite a bit of time and order a classic massage in Kiev! You will be delighted and you will become our regular customer!

What can you expect he massage in the salon “Xena”? A surge of vitality and fullness of emotions! Take care of yourself, visit our massage salon in Kiev and you will instantly notice the improvement in your physical and emotional state!

Thai massage

Тайский массаж в Киеве

Thai massage belongs to the category of medical and philosophical views, born many centuries before the new era of mankind. His goal is the harmony of the spiritual and temporal; free the body from unnecessary. The basis of Thai massage are the teachings of ancient China and India and special exercises for the body from these countries. The implementation of the techniques and exercises is aimed at increasing the life energy of the organism. We have the best masters of Thai massage in Kiev.

Massage is performed by rhythmic, often repeated movements of the hands over the body. These wavelike movements are accompanied by rubbing of essential fragrant oils. As a rule, it uses smells of cinnamon, bergamot, lavender, rose and many other plants.

Massage salon in Kiev – my vacation, paradise and Olympus

Эротический массаж - лучший отдых для мужчинA real man is God, and if not, then he urgently needs help with deification. We can do without pathos, reason sensibly and frankly. To live in Kiev and not think that you can do everything – not to live at all.

The modern man is not just broad shoulders, thick eyebrows and a set of spontaneous emotions. This portrait is lost forever, and for the better. Today, a real man consists of mind, flesh and ambition. And all this needs to be constantly monitored and stimulated. But where to take on all the time? Home, work, gym – that was the end of the day, followed by a week. By the method of exclusion, we find a solution: we visit institutions where we provide all the necessary services, and we observe the result. A good result for Kiev was “drawn” in the second week, in the salon of erotic massage. After the massage, I came out cheerful, full of desires, and under a fantastic set of impressions.

Erotic massage: pleasure – above all
Наслаждение превыше всегоFull relaxation, exacerbation of sensitivity to the limit and, of course, unearthly pleasure – these are the feelings that await you after visiting an erotic massage in Kiev. As soon as you cross the threshold of our massage salon, you fall into the hands of an excellent masseuse, and maybe not even one. Her beautiful body, grace, refined figure and pretty face just can not leave anyone indifferent.

Looking at her, and feeling her gentle touches, you for a long time forget about all the troubles and worries and fully surrender to the wave of passion and desires. After all, in order there is an erotic massage.

Erotic massage for women

Эротический массаж для женщинMassage for women is an enchanting action that is performed by girls or guys massage therapists who are able to bring you to the top of ecstasy with their hands and other parts of the body. The masters of our salon of erotic massage deliver the most unexpected and exciting feelings to visitors, because they literally guess all your desires and instantly respond to them.
Skillful hands of the master on the most erogenous zones, unprecedented excitement and equally bright orgasm – you will feel all this in the process of erotic massage for women. During the session, you will not only be able to satisfy all your sexual desires and needs, but also feel a lot of new, pleasant, and incomparable sensations.

The benefits of body massage

Польза боди массажаErotic body massage will relax your muscles, but feelings and emotions will sharpen. Our masseuses know how to bring real pleasure.

Their movements and touches are unhurried, filled with affection and tenderness, from time to time they will be teasing and quick. Body massage is able to awaken in everyone unexplored emotions and fantasies.

You will forget about problems and life troubles, erotic massage will fill you with life-giving energy. Fully relaxed, you can enjoy magical touches, yielding to the caresses of charming and beautiful girls.

Tantric erotic massage – the endless sea of ​​supreme pleasure

Эротический тантрический массаж

The classic version claims that tantra massage is nothing but a manifestation of love. Let’s take this particular option to fully understand the beauty of this kind of erotic pleasure.

By and large, the human body is one continuous erogenous zone, but each of us simply has the highest sensitivity areas individually. To fully understand how this type of erotic massage works, a strong sympathy should arise between the masseuse and the client, which, however, is not such a rarity. It is in this state that tantra realizes its full potential.

Eastern wisdom claims that tantric massage allows the sexual energy of men and women to flow freely from one body to another, filling each other with immense sexuality and arousal. This is a mythical combination of Yin-Yang in full.

Giving a set of sexual energy to a woman, a man receives an incredibly bright pleasure.

Types of erotic massage that can give the greatest pleasure

Разнообразные виды эромассажа

Eromassage can be so sexually diverse that, being a beginner, it is difficult to immediately determine where to begin acquaintance with this area of ​​pleasure. Let’s explain what exactly is happening in the programs, and why a client once having been in the hands of a masseuse, is sure to come back!

Let’s start with the fact that whatever the types of massage, in each of them there is an introduction. This is a classic massage. The client should be prepared, relaxed, and it is the classic session that brings us to a full understanding of the erotic component of the massage.

And then the client can choose from a large number of programs. We advise for the first time to start with the simplest relaxing massage. An orgasm at the end of the session is sure to be provided, and the man himself begins to understand during the massage how bright and sharp the sensations from the simple touch of the girl to the body can be.

Erotic massage – pampering yourself is not prohibited

One of the most exquisite bodily pleasures is, of course, an erotic massage. The well-deserved popularity of erotic massage in our salon can be explained not only by the attractiveness of our charming masseuse girls, but also by the fairly steady trends in the life of an adult. Sooner or later, suddenly a moment comes when it seems to you that you have already tried all the delights of eros and there are no more sweet secrets in life. And in front of you is waiting only for a series of repetitions already passed.
And then it is time to visit our Xena erotic massage salon. Having at least one session of erotic massage, you will immediately understand the fallacy of past judgments. Our cute and sexy masseuse will be able to dissuade anyone who doubts.