European massage

Европейский массаж

European massage prolongs your youth

European massage is a very popular service of our massage salon. In this type of massage, techniques such as stroking and kneading are used. There are no movements that would squeeze the skin or cause unpleasant sensations. A session of European massage consists of three stages. It starts from erotic to complete relaxation. Then it flows smoothly into a classic massage and ends with an erotic massage with complete relaxation.

The beauty of this type of massage is that a few sessions return male power. Massage serves as a kind of exercise the body for endurance. Believe me, exposure is one of the important conditions for a happy sex life. The longer you can hold on to the peak of sexual pleasure, the brighter will be erotic impressions, the more satisfaction you can get yourself and give to your girlfriend.

Masseuse massages a man in erotic clothes or nude. As a result of stroking and rubbing the body relaxes and relaxes. You are ready to feel pleasure. The advantage of European massage is that it is performed not only with the hands, but also with the whole body. Your back, buttocks and the whole body are massaged by a young girl, gliding her breasts and buttocks sensually and gently.

European massage will be remembered for a long time

Every man at least once in his life, but dreamed of a real erotic massage, which would open before him all the secrets of this action. And I must say that the European massage is provided at such a high level that if you try to relax for the first time, an unforgettable feeling awaits you, but if you are already an experienced walker, every time you will receive new moments and discover new ones facets.

What is the beauty of what is called the European massage in the salons? First of all, the fact that the very name itself has hidden the washed away of what is waiting for you, and relaxation in the modern world is a multifaceted and complex process.

It is no secret that in the modern world a man gets tired much faster, with all career ladders, stress and so on, and how well sex can relieve stress is known, but if you try a European massage, you will definitely fall in love with this action.

It all starts, as usual, for each erotic massage salon, you choose a girl who will relax you, and go with her on a journey through the waves of bliss. Long before the first touch, the European erotic massage Kiev begins, because when you get into such an atmosphere, you immediately feel at peace, and with it a surge of energy.

Next – joint water procedures, it can be a shower or a jacuzzi, it does not matter, it is important that between you and the masseuse there will be the first contact under water, which already washes away the tension from you.

An important attribute that makes European massage even more pleasant is the aroma; an experienced masseuse always accurately selects the smell in which the aromas that bring you both to relaxation and to excitement will be combined. Such a contrast is generally a thin line through the entire session.

The fact that a European massage Kiev will provide amazing, no doubt, now the main thing to remember is that during the session there is no intima, and after that, too, this is a massage! Just surrender to the experienced hands of the girl, and she will do everything at the highest level.

Moreover, the girl doing relaxation massage does not immediately approach the erogenous zones, on the contrary, she will gently bypass them, which will not only relax you, but also excite. You seem to fall into bliss, in relaxation, serene and calm, which can easily end in a stormy relaxation!

In general, a European massage will provide a cool one, but what exactly to choose next, in terms of rest, is to choose it!