Эромассаж - наслаждайтесь жизнью

Enjoy erotic massage in Kiev in the salon of erotic massage

True intimacy begins with self-awareness. The best way to explore the sexuality that underlies all people is to engage in erotic massage?

Eromassage, which can be considered a form of sexual therapy, is based on the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, which combine body, mind and spirit.

Eromassage is more than just increased sexual arousal and endless waves of erotic pleasure. It is an ideal practice for couples seeking to improve their relationships with each other, and seek to explore a deeper connection with themselves. Regular erotic practice removes the symptoms of fear, anxiety, and mental blocks that prevent you from curbing your unbridled spirit.

The aim of the massage is to release the flow of free energy within the body, which is usually blocked by guilt, shame, or any other negative emotions. This allows your relationship to enjoy an even deeper level of intimacy.

Are you seeking to discover your sexuality in a safe and comfortable environment? The erotic massage salon in Kiev offers this with our experienced sex goddesses, who are ready to charm you with their sensuality, beauty and passion.

You will experience a wave of intense excitement all over your body. Our goddess, by massaging your body, unlocks your energy centers, known as chakras. No rush, no pressure, just a calm atmosphere that invites you to explore ancient art at your own pace.

How to bring satisfaction to a partner?

Starting an erotic massage is best from the back. Thus, the thoughts of your partner will not concentrate on your beauty, which will allow him plenty to enjoy the gentle touches of your hands. You should not turn to the classic type of massage to the extent that there are bruises on the body. Light stroking with your fingertips is just right. Do not forget to bother about how to keep your hands warm, so before you start the procedure you should rub them well.

Pay special attention to areas of the body such as the spine, the lumbar region, the inside of the arms, and the neck. The movements of your hands should be smooth and gliding, such a massage excites and brings satisfaction.

Use erotic accessories

The standard “gentleman’s set” for erotic massage is massage oils and scented candles. The choice of essential oils should be approached carefully. Do not choose very sharp and tedious odors. Drip oil is best not on the body, and on the hands, because if the oil is cold, it can cause discomfort. Replace the candles can be a small night light or lamp. Although for a more romantic atmosphere it is better to opt for small candles. Before erotic massage should not completely expose your body. Girls, for example, can stay in some sexy peignoir or underwear. Do not forget about the musical accompaniment of your erotic mystery. Light, unobtrusive music, not distracting attention, will only enhance the effect and sexual desire of both partners.

How to do erotic massage?

Erotic massage is not only one of the best ways to convey your tender feelings to your partner, but also a very pleasant and useful exercise. This massage can relax your body and stimulate sexual desire. Sexologists claim that erotic massage enhances sensitivity and sexual function. In addition, this kind of massage does not have any contraindications.

One of the main goals of erotic massage is to give carnal pleasure to your partner. Today on the layouts of cosmetic stores there are a lot of magical attributes that can not only diversify, but also bring a highlight to your sexual game.